Physics Equations GCSC

Physics is an essential branch of science and the main concern of Physics is towards matter and energy. In Physics, we study different properties of matter and energy and their relationship. In Physics, we formulate different equations in order to clarify different concepts. At the GCSC level, if a student is studying Physics, then he/she will have to learn different kinds of equations. As a student, there is a possibility that you are not able to understand these equations or you are not able to write an academic paper about these equations, then you can get help from academic writing services. The most important Physics equations at the GCSC level are given below;

  • Speed

In Physics, the distance travelled by a body in a unit time is known as speed. If we represent speed with ‘v’, distance with’ and time with ‘t’, then an equation of speed is given below;


V = d/t

According to Physics, the unit of speed is meter per second.

  • Acceleration

If dividing the change in speed with a time interval, then we get acceleration. If represent acceleration with ‘a’, change in speed with ‘v – u’ and time with ‘t’, then the equation for the acceleration of a body is given below;

a =  v – u / t

The SI unit of acceleration is meter per Second Square.

  • Force

We can easily drive the equation of force from the second law of motion. We can write the equation for force in the following way;

F = m X a

Here, force is denoted by ‘F’, mass is denoted by’ and acceleration is denoted by ‘a’.

The SI unit of force is Newton and Newton is denoted by ‘N’.

  • Pressure

If we divide the force applied on a body with the area, then we get pressure. The pressure is denoted by ‘P’, force is denoted by ‘F’, and area is denoted by ‘A’. The equation for pressure is given below;

P = F/A

The SI unit of pressure is Pascal and it is the denoted by ‘Pa’. One Pascal is equal to Newton per meter square.

  • Work was done

If we multiply force applied on a body with the total distance that is covered by that body, then we can get work done by this body. If we denote work done with ‘W’, the force with ‘F’, and distance covered with ‘d’, the equation for the work done is given below;

W = F Xd

The SI unit of work done is known as Joule.

  • Gravitational potential energy

Gravitational potential energy is an important form of energy. The gravitational potential energy of a body is the amount of energy that is possessed by a body due to its height. The equation for the gravitational potential energy of a body is given below;

G.P.E = m X g X h

The unit for the gravitational potential energy that is possessed within a body is Joule just like work done by a body.

Some other equations that are necessary to learn at the GCSC level are a charge, potential difference, electrical power, wave equation.