Building SEO Strategy for Mobile Users to Increase Traffic
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Building SEO Strategy for Mobile Users to Increase Traffic

In this competitive world, browsing is taking over desktop browsing, almost, 90% of the mobile owners are using mobile for browsing. Searching is the most important activity that everyone does on mobile devices. The device is able to deliver a few websites in the search results and you have a gigantic competition to get a high ranking in the search results. In order to reach out to your entire mobile user, you should build a mobile SEO strategy that is given here by expert assignment writers.

Why Building SEO Strategy Is So Imperative?

Building Imperative SEO Strategies

Due to a large number of mobile users, mobile searches are growing rapidly. So having a mobile strategy will help you in achieving your online marketing. Through the SEO process, you can optimize your website and gain organic traffic from search engine. Mobile SEO can promote your website and increase your traffic. In the modern world, people use their mobile for visiting a site, getting information and any purpose of browsing. Nowadays, getting rank in the search is not easy, but you can gain high ranking by following some steps that are given below.

1. Adopt A Responsive Website Design

Having a good website design can influence its traffic and engagement potential. Adopting a responsive and suitable website design will increase your engagement rate. For example, when a user accesses a website with responsive design on a desktop, the site its self adopts the desktop resolution. On the other side, when a user open website on a mobile device or tablet, the site will adapt the device’s resolution. So, don’t forget to adopt this SEO strategy for mobile users.

2. Improve Loading Speed of Your Website

Google has officially declared that mobile page load speed is an important factor to gain high ranking. If your website page takes time to load then it will rank low in the SERPs.  According to the Stone Temple Consulting, “the mobile bounce rate is higher than the desktop. Therefore, you should speed up to your site.  According to Google, 53% of visits are abandoned if sites take more than 3 seconds to load. In addition, half of your visitors’ expect pages to load in 1-2 seconds. Therefore, don’t create a mess around your mobile pages speed and try to do it fast. Make a Google’s mobile speed test to know any issue in your site speed.

3. Check “Mobile Usability” In Google Search Console

Open Google search console and add your website URLs through the URL scrutiny tool and click on “Mobile Usability” in the same section. By clicking this, you will get information that your page is mobile-friendly or not. In the lower section, you will know what your page was crawled. However, you can find out more issue on your website by clicking on “Mobile usability sidebar”. If you have a responsive website design then you can use this feature of Google search console very easily. If your website design is not responsive, you can create XML sitemaps of your mobile’s site URL and send it to search console for indexing purpose.

  • Create Informative Content 

Enhance the readability of your content by making it grammatical-error-free. Keep short to your Meta description and don’t include confusing words. Don’t write long paragraphs. Use bullets and bold important points. You can use numbered lists and white space that reader can understand your point of view and get information without any difficulty. If you are thinking about a mobile content strategy, you should keep in mind that it should be medium. You can create videos for giving information to the people. Make sure that you are publishing the right material on the small screen. So, write short headlines and write to the point. Don’t become argumentative in your writing, indeed, write persuasive and explain your words.

  • Optimize For Voice

Local, mobile SEO and voice are quite linked and increase your traffic. Use different mobile-based queries to give a good experience to mobile users and increase your traffic. By voice strategy, you can target your keywords and increase your visibility in the Google search engine. Use click to call and click to text option in your site. Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to write down your numbers, therefore, provide fast service.

Final Thoughts

Use the vertical video for your site and can increase your traffic. Through the Google Analytics tool, you can analysis of your website traffic.