Secret of Ranking Website

The Secret of Ranking Your Website On 1st Page of Google That You Don’t Know

When we type any keyword on a search engine, this search engine shows millions of results against this keyword but on the first page, a search engine shows only 10 results. Most of the people click on these links and they hardly try to move to 2nd and onward pages. That’s why almost all the websites owners try to rank their websites on the 1st page of Google. In order to rank fast on the first page of Google, lots of tricks are available. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss the secret of ranking your website on the 1st page of Google that you don’t know.

  • Start with sound information

If the structure and information on your website are poor, you can never rank your website on the first page of Google. Its reason is that it is difficult for Google to crawl such website which has poor structure and information. After the best structure and information, you should also try to perform a technical SEO audit. At last, you should also try to upload unique and original content. Its reason is that Google crawlers don’t like duplicate content.

  • Optimize for mobile

The first step to rank a website on Google is to index it. In order to rank your website on the first page of Google, it is necessary for your website to pass the mobile-friendly test. For this reason, first of all, you should try to take an overview of the tasks of your website. You should set your website in such a way that the users can easily perform these tasks. Secondly, the performance of your website should also be impressive. With the help of impressive performance, it is easy for the users to scroll down in order to get the required products or services.

  • Optimize for speed

For better ranking on Google, your website should have better speed on the mobile as well as on the desktop. In order to benchmark the performance of a website, you should also try to use Google Page Speed. In order to optimize your website for the speed, first of all, you should try to take care of the size of the image file. You should create images for your website by using the best image editing software and try to set the dimensions of the image in such a way that it can fit into the structure of the website. Secondly, we should set the browser caching of a website. At last, you should also try to take an overview of the script handling of your website.

  • Work on the links

It is also a fact that there is a great influence of the external and internal links for the better ranking of a website. Therefore, you should also try to brush up your links in order to rank first on Google. First of all, a website owner should fix the broken links. Secondly, he should exact the match anchor text. At last, a website owner should also try to give enough preference to the on-page SEO for a better ranking on Google.