SEO Tools for Smartphones

Top SEO Tools for Smartphones to Use

These days, mobile phones have become very important. Not only they are bigger and clearer, but they are also more sophisticated, and they help us perform so many tasks that were once only restricted with desktop and laptop computers. The technology continues to progress, and with it, we can now look forward to using SEO tools even on smartphones and enjoying instant results of helping businesses grow and move towards success.

According to The Academic Papers UK, a best platform to buy dissertation online, smartphones have made life easy and smart for people around the globe. With so many options to choose from and work out, common men, as well as entrepreneurs, can look forward to getting things done without worrying about having everything in front of them. Whether you are traveling on a plane or shopping in the mall, having access to the right tools can make life easy and connected to what you are doing.

As complicated and multidimensional the SEO practices are becoming, business owners are realizing that it would be so much better if they were able to keep an eye on their business and work on the go. SEO trends are changing very swiftly, and what is working today might not deliver desired results tomorrow. Thus, the right thing to do is to understand how to use SEO tools the right way and on any platform that they are using.

SEO mobile apps come into play very efficiently here as they help to keep the users connected on their smartphones very easily without creating any confusion regarding the layout and numbers that fill an SEO’ desktop screen. Listed here are the top mobile SEO apps that will surely help you in keeping the websites optimized all the time with just a few clicks and swipes.

SEO Tools for Smartphones

Raven Tools:

Available for Apple users, this is probably the most used app for SEO. It has a free as well as a paid version that offers analytics for measuring ROI and even tracking your social media efforts. It is rated as one of the most advanced and detailed apps that are available for SEO purposes.


It is a great tool for people who want to learn more about the ranking of different web pages across the internet and want to become better at what they are doing. Whether you want to analyze pages for guest posting or check out the completion in the industry, this app gives you some effective results in an easy-to-understand manner. You can also send the details of your results to other people by paying a small fee.


It is also known as the big picture app due to its great features. If you are using many different services to collect data, it will help to pull all this data and put it together in a cohesive and much easier way to understand. It can rightly be called the one-stop delivery app that strives to make things easy for SEO experts and webmasters.


This app is all about keyword research and helps you identify the right keywords to use for optimizing the website. You just have to put in the word or phrase, and the app will spit out the search volume and competition for that entry. It is one SEO task that can be easily done even when you are on the go and using your smartphone, and you will find the keywords that will help you get lots of hits.

SEO SiteRank and SiteRank Lite:

The good this about this app is that you can look forward to getting information about PageRank and Alexa Rank as you go through the internet. You can get the paid or the free version depending on the type of service you want.

SEO Keyword Checker:

This app is very useful and helps you stay tuned to the type of keywords you should be using for promoting your website even when you are away from your laptop. It gives you information that you require when you are out and want to keep an eye on things. It is a free app and helps to analyze a website and provides information about its keyword use and dentistry.

SEO Stats:

It is a simple app and is very easy to use too. It provides you information about where you stand when it comes to social media networks such as Facebook, Digg, and Twitter and gives you a chance to work on your website to enhance user engagement.

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Google Analytics:

It is a must-have app for all SEO professionals and webmasters. It is free and transfers your existing google analytics information to the mobile phone in an easy to comprehend manner. It also gives you a chance to correlate your SEO data with revenue offering KPIs such as time on site, total page views, and a comparison of different metrics from different time frames. This app provides the most detailed information as compared to any other apps, and it gives you a chance to get a detailed look into how websites work and how to work for better search engine ranking results.


This app is recommended for advanced SEOs as it is not very easy to use and offers information that only professionals require to work on particular web pages. You just need to type in a domain or a website URL, and you will get complete information about backlinks, the authority of the domain, as well as, anchor text, etc. It is necessary information that you can go through while you are on the go, and with a smartphone, you can put your time to good use and know more about SEO.

SEO Automatic:

What makes this tool unique is that it comes up with recommendations for SEOs regarding what they should do based on the information it gathers about a particular website. It deals with all on-page elements, which makes it very effective for business owners who are new to SEO apps and techniques and want to learn more about them. Whether you own an iPhone or an android one, there are several SEO apps that you can use on the smartphone and benefit from the great features they offer to work on your website.