Technology is Changing Minds

How Technology is Changing Minds of Common People?

Technology is altering human psychology. The new developments in the field of technology have changed our minds. Nowadays, we are thinking differently, we are feeling differently and we are dreaming differently. All of these things are lasting some impacts on our memory, attention span and sleep cycles. These things are also becoming a cause of a new scientific phenomenon. This phenomenon is known as neuroplasticity. According to this scientific phenomenon, the human mind can alter its behaviour in the case of new experiences. Here, we will discuss how technology is changing the minds of the common people.

The Common People Are Dreaming In Colours:

Television is lasting deep impacts on the psyche of a human being. We are experiencing its impacts on our dreams. Lots of researchers have researched on this fact. The results of these researches show that the people who are grown up by watching black and white television see black and white dreams. On the other hand, the people who are grown up watching coloured television are seeing dreams in colours. Its main reason is that when we watch TV, the impacts of TV remain on our minds.

We Are Experiencing FOMO:

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Before the invention of Facebook and Instagram, most of the people drink a glass wine at the night time and they experience FOMO. Its reason was that he had to face the problems of anxiety, inadequacy and irritation. Now, we thank Facebook and other social media sites. With the arrival of these social media sites, most of the people have overcome their problems of experiencing FOMO. Its reason is that they spend most of their time in socializing with their friends on social media sites. Moreover, they can also overcome the problems of FOMO by watching pictures and videos of their friends. When you eat a meal by looking at the meals’ pictures of your friends, you feel that your meal is also tasty. If you have to leave social media sites due to any reason, you will have to face the problem of FOMO.

We Are Experiencing Phantom Vibration Syndrome:

Most of the mobile users assume that their mobiles are ringing even that these are not ringing. To know this fact, research was conducted. The results of this research were published in the most famous technology journal Computers and Human Behavior. They have surveyed the habits of 290 undergraduate students. Almost 90% of the students had reported that they were facing the problem of phantom vibrations. It is a physical sensation. If people are facing the problem of phantom vibrations, they feel that their mobile phone is vibrating even that it is not vibrating. Its main reason is that these physical sensations have misinterpreted our brains by the vibrations of the phone. The people who are facing this problem are not bothered by it. Its reason is that it is a nuisance rather than a physiological problem.

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We Are Facing The Problem Of Sleep Deprivation:

Almost all the people are using laptops, tablets and smartphones. These technologies are also creating problems with sleep deprivation for users. According to the Neuroscientists, the glowing light of your laptops, tablets and smartphones mess up with the internal light cues and sleep including hormones of your body. As a result, it makes the fool your brain. As a result, our brain thinks that it is still day time and we can’t sleep properly at night time. The blue light that is emitted from the screens of these devices also makes it harder for us to fall asleep.

We Are Facing Memory And Attention Span Issues:

In the old days, learning by rote was a prized skill for the students. Therefore, students can learn the entire books by heart. Nowadays, due to the advancements in the field of technology, information is available at our fingertips. We can find enough information about everything just by pressing a button.  Even for assignments, most of students hire assignment writing services to get solutions for their assignments. That’s why no one bothers to retain facts. As a result, we are facing the problems of memory and attention span. As we don’t bother to remember things for a longer period, therefore, we can’t pay enough attention to different things.

We Have Better Visual And Decision-Making Skills:

Nowadays, lots of video games are available on the internet. Most of the people show a keen interest in these video games. Along with the disadvantages of playing these video games, there are also some advantages of these video games. First, these video games improve the visual skills of the players. While playing these games, we have to take immediate decisions. Therefore, these video games are also helpful for us to boost up our decision-making skills. The complex strategy-based games improve the cognitive flexibility of human minds.

We Have Poorer Impulse Control:

As we have discussed earlier that while playing video games, the players have to take immediate decisions. If they take immediate reactions, their decision-making skills are enhanced. In practical life, this thing can create some problems. Its reason is that in practical life, we have to take decisions according to the situation. For this reason, we have to think about these situations. If we are making decisions without thinking about their impacts, we may make some mistakes. Due to these mistakes, we have to face adverse situations in our practical life.

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Technology Is Enhancing Our Creative Skills:

Technology is also enhancing the creative skills of the people. Its reason is that with the help of technology, we have to engage with the creative media. For example, if we are using social media sites, we have to engage with others by using texts, images and videos. When social media users see the texts, images and videos of other people, they also try to share something new for their friends. As a result, they have to make use of their creative skills. If we are not using social media sites, we will not be encouraged to do these things. As a result, we can’t showcase our creative skills.