Online Collaboration Tools

Online Collaboration Tools You Can Use for Online Communication

Online collaboration tools provide a useful platform for the people to utilise. For students, it provides a platform out of the class. Similarly, dissertation researhers can interact with each other through these tools while working on their group dissertations. Good engagement helps people in learning through a better way. If you face any issue, you can communicate with anyone. Whatever the time or place is does not matter. This is because online collaboration tools have made it easy to communicate with anyone. These tools have played an important role in self-learning as well.

In recent pandemics, online collaboration tools have gained much importance. All schools and organisations remained closed. In this phase, all institutes preferred online collaboration tools to pursue the learning aspect.

In the same manner, organisations moved on to run their business effectively. Online collaboration tools offer audio, video, and text chat. But the use of these tools is not just for the pandemic. This is because these tools have their own use in a variety of situations. Many countries like the UK offer many online courses. For these online courses, universities utilise online collaboration tools. These tools allow you to interact with a large network. And in this way, you can improve many skills related to your personality, as well as academic courses.


In pandemics, people have used Zoom globally. It provides services for video conferencing, including chat options as well. Zoom can be used on mobile phones, and on the laptops as well. In the list of best online collaboration tools, Zoom ranks second. There are many advantages of using Zoom. It gives high-quality services in both audio, and video connections. It also allows recording of the whole meeting. Everyone can share the screen. And this screen sharing aspect helps a lot in understanding any issue. It becomes easy to identify the issue, and exactly address it through this tool.

It also allows the scheduling of meetings on a calendar. Further, it reminds you of the class, or meeting too. During meetings, you can highlight, and mark areas that you would like to remember or note down later. This way, it becomes very easy to explain anything. The admin also has more rights in Zoom. He can allow others to share the screens, or chat as well. And he can restrict people as per need too.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is the worthiest tool for online communication. This is because here you can attend multiple calls at the same time. In all calls, you can use the available features of Microsoft teams. This online collaboration tool offers a bundle of features. First of all, you have to create an account on Microsoft teams. Then you have to set your password and log in. Later on, you can reset your password. Also, if you forget your password, you can restore it. Here you can upload your documents and assignments as well. The teacher or boss can upload notes and proposals.

You can schedule different classes, and all classes will be visible on the sidebar. In other online collaboration tools, you cannot upload files. For file upload purposes, you need another platform. But in the case of Microsoft teams, you can manage all things in a single platform.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a working tool for connecting people. Just like any other online collaboration tool, it offers audio, as well as video chat. The main feature that differentiates Google Hangouts is it is storing aspect. It offers chat storage which provides much ease. So, whenever you miss any point, you can recheck. Just go back and read the stored chat. It also facilitates you in referring back messages for better understanding.


GoToMeeting is another online collaboration tool. Organisations use it for connecting with their customers and clients. The only requirement is availability of internet. The main purpose of GoToMeeting is creating a network on computers. There is not an issue of security in GoToMeeting. This is because it provides high security. You can set the password to save your login credentials.

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It has a connection of web-hosted subscription service with computer of the host. And that the host has installed software. You can use the GoToMeeting app on your mobile phones and iPads. This aspect facilitates multi-monitoring too. Here you can record, and save the meeting as well. So if you find a need to go through something, you can check it too. GoToMeeting has a specified number of attendees and hosts. Hence while using it, you have to make sure how many attendees, and host/s you have. Then accordingly, you can go for its use.