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7 Top eBook Reading Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

On the off chance that you love books but, short on rack space, eBooks are a great alternate. They are helpfully portable, do not occupy a room, and can be enjoyed from anyplace. Presently, you can get to libraries directly from your smartphone or tablet with some astonishing eBook apps, with numerous titles accessible for nothing. The best eBooks apps let you read things straightforwardly on your cell phone or tablet. As of now, Apple’s Books and Google Play Books work really hard as stock apps; but expert reading apps can add various additional items, from exceptionally configurable settings, support for odd formats, read-everything you-can memberships, and many more. Below is the list of some of the top eBook apps you can use on smartphones.

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon started its business by selling books. Nowadays, it has an immense collection of books, both physical and computerized. Writers can independently publish their works through Amazon, so you have plenty of books to browse. Kindle offers a wide range of books, magazines, and papers, making it quite possibly the most popular eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets. You do not need to own a Kindle gadget to read books through the Kindle application; it is accessible on Android and iOS gadgets. The Kindle application has some pleasant features behind it, Buying eBooks is speedy and simple, and you can empower valuable features that upgrade your reading experience.

For instance, the application will tell you how long you need to go until the next part, dependent on your reading speed. This implies you are failing to flick forward to see the number of pages you actually need to read before you can finish the daily set goal. It also permits you to match up your last read page, bookmarks, features, and notes across all gadgets. It likewise includes a built-in dictionary that makes it simple to look into new words while reading. The Kindle application also gives access to Google search and Wikipedia. The Kindle application is your ideal decision on the off chance that you do all your eBook shopping through Amazon. If you need to import books from outside Amazon or export your Amazon buys to different readers, it gets somewhat tricky.

Aldiko Reader:

Aldiko Reader is another eBook reader with a generally excellent standing on the Google Play Store. It supports the well-known EPUB and PDF formats and Adobe DRM encrypted books. The application claims a friendly UI and is well upgraded for utilization on smartphones and tablets. You can bring every one of your books into the application and sort them out by labels or categories. The service permits you to easily explore through a book and make bookmarks of your selected spots. A dim mode for reading is additionally included. Readers utilizing this application approach a virtual store where they can buy new books. A segment of public domain books are likewise accessible, which features free books you can download. The free version of Aldiko Reader incorporates promotions, while the paid version eliminates them and adds a reading-aloud choice for $49 only.

7 Top eBook Reading Apps


AlReader is the lightest android application for reading eBooks and, although it takes less space, it did not compromise on features. AlReader boasts an easy to use UI and permits you to do different changes according to your necessities. It allows you to change the textual style, spacing, margins. It also allows you to switch between light and dark modes and has a Text to Speech feature in-application. Even though all the supported designs similarly open in AlReader there is not a lot of distinction; it actually stands apart as a nice and feature-packed ebook reader for Android. In case you are searching for a lightweight application that manages how to convey a charming reading experience, download AlReader.

Librera Reader Pro:

It is a lightweight eBook reading application that comes free, with no irritating promotions springing up either. It offers a ton of customization choices as well and supports all known eBook formats out there. Indicate once which formats to incorporate and the folders it should scan, and you will have a self-maintaining library available to you. There is a thumbnail cover for each document alongside a definite description to assist you without any problem. There is support for annotations just as bookmarks, both of the fixed and movable sorts. At that point, there are day and night modes too that are likewise client configurable. Likewise, it supports a few online translators too, which implies language won’t be an obstruction as you continued looking for a reading. There is a rating bar that shows your advancement other than offering different commands and menu choices also. The list of features is practically ceaseless, and you will be amazed at exactly how great yet straightforward the Librera eBook reader application is.

Goodreads App:

As told by a dissertation help firm, Good reads is the first platform in many of the best apps for book lovers. It has a lot of data for different purposes, recommendations for you, suggestions from your friends, various collections, a list of quotes, and a field for reviews. Likewise, it joins writers and readers, having 40 million clients and over a billion books. It is available on iOS, Android, and browser. It is a free service. It also has a mobile barcode scanner that permits adding paper books to your computerized to-read list.

Moon+ Reader:

While having the option to buy books from a significant retailer and downloading them to your mobile is amazing, some of the time, the books you need to read are ones that you as of now have the files for. Whether you have gotten digital books from a free distributer or files from a now-defunct program, having the option to open and read them is critical. That is the place where Moon+ Reader comes in. It has support for more than 10 diverse document designs, from RAR files right to EPUB files. You can customize how words look on the screen, back up your library on the web, and admittance to five auto-scroll options. With the capacity to see content in different formats, it is straightforward why Moon+ Reader is extraordinary compared to other Android apps.

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While Scribd is not free, it offers a broad collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music. The Scribd library has more than 1 million eBooks and audiobooks, many magazines, and the world’s biggest archive library. The application gives you admittance to more than 60 million archives, from official government reports, scholarly expositions, and more. Scribd is additionally full of phenomenal features that let you customize your text style, change your brightness levels, and alter the scroll direction. The application includes curated article variety, customized recommendations dependent on your reading history, and the capacity to download books for offline reading. A Scribd membership costs $8.99 every month, except you can give it a shot for nothing by signing up for a 30-day trial.