Chrome OS

Tip for Quick Shortcut Keys for Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system. It came through many changes since 2009. You may listen about chrome book, that is the second name of chrome OS. It works to provide support for different apps. Like progressive web apps. You can also include chrome apps in it. Its use was common for desktops and laptops. But now, it can be seen as an available system for Android applications. In every smartphone, you can make sure they use Chrome OS.

What is the Main Purpose of Shortcut Keys?

The use of shortcut keys is very common for chrome OS. When you work on some document, you need to find commands and press several ones. In this way, you are supposed to invest time and effort. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember all commands and their sequence. Also, the sequence of commands also matters a lot. You cannot press the random command and complete the action. If there is any single change in your sequence, you will not come to an end.  Here the use of shortcut keys plays an important role. You do not need to remember complex orders. But you can perform your task in a single go.

Types of Shortcut Keys

1. Modifier keys

All keys on the keyboard do not perform any function individually as modifier keys. But when you use these keys in the form of a combination, you get some action. Let me tell you which keys are modifiers.

  • Alt
  • Shift
  • Ctrl

-You check by pressing these keys individually. Nothing will happen. Let’s get to know about its function in combination with other keys.

  • If you press, Shift+A helps in automatic transmission.
  • Alt+F4 is another key. It assists you in closing the window.

-Here you can see how these combinations work well. Even if you press a combination of modifier keys, it will not work. Like Ctrl+Alt. It would not perform any action.

2. Non-Modifier keys

The use of shortcut keys helps you to consume less time. Non-modifier keys are also termed regular keys. Let’s discuss some of the regular keys.

  • Ctrl + f. It helps you find any word or sentence in your document. It becomes easy to do any amendment in your document as per demand. For any amendment, you do not need to read the whole document. But you can easily find the particular portion of your document in just a second.
  • Ctrl + N. This shortcut key helps you to open a new file. Otherwise, you have to go to ‘menu’ and select ‘file’ and then ‘menu’.
  • Ctrl + S. this shortcut key assist in saving the file. At the same time, writing any document, you need to save your content after every minute. This approach saves you from the loss of data. So, rather than going to the ‘menu’ bar and pressing ‘save’, you can perform action in a single go. That is how shortcut key keeps you away from frustration and saves time.
  • Ctrl + V. by pressing these keys, you can Paste anything anywhere. It can be in the form of text, picture or a link. You can use this key again and again. This way, it becomes easy to have as much data as you want.
  • Ctrl + C. this key perform the task of copying anything. Same as Ctrl+V, you can copy text. Picture or link.
  • Ctrl + R. Using this key, you can align your text or anything in the right.
  • Ctrl + L. Using this key, you can align your text or anything left.
  • Ctrl + E. Using this key, you can align your text or anything in the middle.
  • Ctrl + J. Using this key, you can justify your text or anything very easily.


Same as there are many more keys that save your time and effort. In the case of using some software, the use of shortcut keys become almost necessary. Here you have to insert actions in every single second. In this case, you cannot wait to find the menu and its function. But you need instant results. For example, AutoCAD, Civil3D and Adobe Photoshop. Even you have so many shortcut keys on your keyboard. By using keys of the keyboard, you can perform the task with a single press. If you ask some service as best buy dissertation online in UK, they can guide you.