The Effects of Media on Learning

Newspapers, books and magazines are categorized as print media while radio, television and internet are termed as electronic media. Learning is the process to acquire knowledge which can be done through any of the above media.

Our topic of discussion will focus on the effects of media on learning. As technology advances, many educational modules are being broadcasted through television, radio and internet. The general stigma attached to media is that it is only used for entertainment but this is not quite so. Media can just as well be used as a means to provide valuable learning. This article provides essential knowledge on how media and dissertation writing service can be used for learning and what are its effects:


The Effects of Television on Learning:

Children get attracted to television very quickly. Since young children have absorbent minds, they absorb everything they see or hear on media and retain the information for future. Their natural curiosity leads them towards it and they learn important things which change their perspective on life. Watching educational programs catered to the needs and age of children plays a very key role in their learning.


Just like all things have good and bad effects, media too has its negative points along with the positives. The violent movies and negative campaigning, advertising for cigarettes and alcohol, etc. have a bad influence on people. Showing heroic personalities consuming unhealthy products attracts others to follow in their footsteps. Their personality and perception towards life can be deeply affected by watching such programs.


The Effects of Internet on Learning:

Internet technology has no doubt played a leading role in spreading knowledge. It has made education available to people’s homes. With busy and challenging lives, online learning has helped people overcome many obstacles. They are flexible to learn from anywhere in the globe. They can get world-class degrees through the internet. Free e-books and articles have also supported people financially. All in all, one can say that internet and online writing services have a good effect on learning.


However, there are some cons coupled with internet media. Where people are using it to their benefit for learning purpose, there are others who are misusing this technology. Children, who don’t have any parental control, can be badly misguided by inappropriate content available on the net. Another wave of the internet, which is getting a lot of popularity, is social media. People can either put it to good use or totally it can destroy their experience, by spreading wrong and violent teachings. Chatting and sharing information can be helpful but try to keep a balance between social networking and social relationships. Sometimes social networking on the internet can isolate users from the rest of the world.


Effects of Newspaper on Learning:

Newspapers keep us informed of current events happening around the globe and supervisor taught for dissertation. By regularly reading newspaper, vocabulary improves substantially. Reading is one the most important skills in learning. Children can improve their reading and comprehension by going through their favorite sections in the paper regularly. Although newspapers should stick to the role of delivering facts and events in its true sense, depending on the ethical values of certain companies, it may distort the information to serve their motives. This could play a negative role in learning.


The positive effects of media generally outweigh the negatives, when it comes to learning. It depends on individuals’ attitude on how they use media to enhance their learning.