How To Find A PhD Proposal Example Online

Before you start writing a PhD proposal, you should carefully check the website of the university. Many universities are providing guidelines for writing a research proposal. This guideline is useful in the requirement section of a research proposal.  University website is an amazing and important platform to find proposal examples. Let us discuss what is […]


Elton Mayo Theory Advantages And Disadvantages

George Elton Mayo was an Australian psychologist. He was an industrial researcher and organizational theorist. Mayo was trained at the University of Adelaide. He was awarded by master degree.  Tedium and repetitiveness of tasks always focus on the boredom. It is reducing motivation for the workplace. That motivation was improved with the feeling of employees. […]


Writing a Doctoral Thesis: Expert Advice From a PhD Degree Holder

If you want to pursue a doctoral degree, then you will have to write a doctoral thesis. A doctoral thesis is an essential form of an academic document that is written by a student in order to present his/her findings and research about a specific topic. The three important things to write a doctoral thesis […]


Things to Keep In Mind When Applying For Graduate School Admissions

There are a number of things that students need to keep in mind when they are applying for graduate school admissions. This is because these are very important points and they play a key role in their success. When students are done with their high school, it is time for them to start looking for […]


The Effects of Media on Learning

Newspapers, books and magazines are categorized as print media while radio, television and internet are termed as electronic media. Learning is the process to acquire knowledge which can be done through any of the above media. Our topic of discussion will focus on the effects of media on learning. As technology advances, many educational modules […]


Some Ways to Find Path to Your Potential Career

As soon as you are done with your degree, the very next thing or perhaps the thing that has been in your mind since the start of your degree is a career path. Now, the first and the most important thing in selecting your potential career is your preference. Where do you want to see […]


Significant Things Students Should Keep in Mind When Selecting Thesis Topics

Writing a top quality and custom thesis can be a big task not only because it is a detailed and lengthy effort but also because it is often based on very broad subjects which require a lot of information and content which must be placed the right way to make sense to the reader and […]


Role of Social Media in Our Learning

The role of knowledge and information and their worth has been increasing with time. In the earlier days, one had to look for information and find it in places and had to gain knowledge by different means. Ever increasing social media and technology has made information and knowledge available for everyone. This raises questions that […]


Nokia P1 – A New Flagship Phone Will Launch at MWC 2017

A beautiful smartphone from Nokia is set to release in this year’s MWC which is set to be the most anticipated and the most awaited smartphone of the year. Nokia has never failed its true fans and users and has never disappointed them. Even the phones with Windows 8 and 10 OS made a lot […]


Mistakes That Students Make While Writing

Writings are always incomplete without proofreading. Academic writings and Literal writings are always worthy only if they are proofread properly. Whenever students in their educational career write something they always prefer to read that piece of work, again and again, to remove mistakes from it. Often they hire dissertation editing service providers to do so. […]