Role of Social Media in Our Learning

The role of knowledge and information and their worth has been increasing with time. In the earlier days, one had to look for information and find it in places and had to gain knowledge by different means. Ever increasing social media and technology has made information and knowledge available for everyone. This raises questions that how you will be able to learn with the assistance of dissertation writing services. Are the information and knowledge desired by everyone? Is everyone out there looking for it? Have people stopped questioning? Do information and knowledge have the same worth? Are these two things relevant and accurate anymore?

Now all of these may not matter to other people, but it is directly related to the ones who are taking off for their practical lives, the people who are counting on technology, social media and internet. Time has changed and one has to stay updated and we have no choice but to use the technology. In a situation like this, the jobs seekers must stay aware of the accuracy of information provided to the front right and centre and they must use only the information they think is verified and relevant. For example, some people might offer you courses and they convince you how these will help you in the long run, only go for them if they are offered for free or are verified by sources you know and they do not waste your time which you can use in something productive.


Similarly, some job portals offer jobs or job ads only and they convince you to pay for a paid premium account in exchange for premium services for your work cited pages. These services mostly put your resume on the top of the respective employee’s search and the chances are, they can still ignore it and move on. So all the paying for a premium account went for nothing. All in all, do stay updated, do research and do go out there as well. Applying for jobs online is a quick time-saving gamble. But when you physically go out there and try on your own physically, it increases your chances of success.


Not everyone on the internet is there to make money through you; some offer really good platforms which if used correctly can be very beneficial. One of such is a very famous portal where you upload a picture of yourself. Update education, projects, join professional networks, communicate with like-minded professionals, roam around and explore opportunities and even learn how professionals present themselves. We do not necessarily have to pay for a service where paying for some additional services is an option.


You can always extend to essay writing examples and gain benefits from most of the free online professional course related with a role of social media and platforms, be competitive, pour in dedication and have lots of patience and use the unemployed time in your growth as a professional without being discouraged and feeling unwanted. Opportunities are everywhere out there and there is always the right place for every individual who strives to achieve knowledge and experience and who is willing to improve and learn more and more every passing day.