The Effects of Media on Learning

Newspapers, books and magazines are categorized as print media while radio, television and internet are termed as electronic media. Learning is the process to acquire knowledge which can be done through any of the above media. Our topic of discussion will focus on the effects of media on learning. As technology advances, many educational modules […]


Role of Social Media in Our Learning

The role of knowledge and information and their worth has been increasing with time. In the earlier days, one had to look for information and find it in places and had to gain knowledge by different means. Ever increasing social media and technology has made information and knowledge available for everyone. This raises questions that […]


Mistakes That Students Make While Writing

Writings are always incomplete without proofreading. Academic writings and Literal writings are always worthy only if they are proofread properly. Whenever students in their educational career write something they always prefer to read that piece of work, again and again, to remove mistakes from it. Often they hire dissertation editing service providers to do so. […]


Marketing Dissertation Writing Services

When you do not have enough time for writing marketing dissertation and want your dissertation to get done by other then there are plenty of writing services that provide the quality marketing dissertation. Marketing dissertation is hard to write because it requires a lot of time for survey and primary research that is not possible […]


Do and Don’ts for Your Career

Looking for a job dos and don’ts are being taught to us as soon as we are about to enter the college. Some subjects teach you the art to perfecting your resume and some tell you what you should wear, the correct body language for an interview and heaps of other instructions and all of […]