Nokia P1 – A New Flagship Phone Will Launch at MWC 2017

A beautiful smartphone from Nokia is set to release in this year’s MWC which is set to be the most anticipated and the most awaited smartphone of the year. Nokia has never failed its true fans and users and has never disappointed them. Even the phones with Windows 8 and 10 OS made a lot of users happy and had some of the features no other phone with the same price had those days. Nokia is one of the largest industries making phones since over a decade and they sure know their game and exactly when to hit the nail. Nokia fans around the world are desperately waiting for their new flagship phone Nokia P1-A which is releasing in MWC 2017. The phone will be carrying some amazing features and specs and will give the other phones releasing at the same time and very tough competition. One thing is for sure that people who were loyal Nokia users will now be returning back to Nokia those who had to part ways with it because Nokia seemed to be a little lagging behind in making new phones.

This new Nokia P1-A will run on the latest Android version which will make the users able to make the most of the new tech the new Android version will be carrying and will be fully and completely updated with the new tech. Nokia made a successful come back last month with the launch of its phone called Nokia six, this come back was make with a year’s gap. Nokia launched Nokia 6 in collaboration with HMD, the phone was sold out within minutes of its launch and it turned out to be a great hit, but, the phone is currently only available and sold within China so we can hope that Nokia might franchise the phone outside China. But Nokia users do not have to lose their heart as a bigger launch is expected in only a few days now as Nokia revealed the launch of their new flagship phone in a teaser couple of days back.


The new Nokia P1-A has some amazing features that can leave a lot of phones in the pipeline way behind. We have heard all the rumors of new releases this year, makers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and even Apple has some major releases this year and all of these phones have that one thing that the other does not have, selecting and upgrading on a new phone will not be an easy task this time around because Nokia P1-A is rumored to have a rear camera of 24 Megapixels and this is a huge thing for all the people who like taking photos with their phones. Phone camera is the thing people consider a lot when they are buying a new phone and when someone is upgrading to a better phone, they sure want to get a phone with better specs, but this is just phone camera and the OS that we have talked about yet, there is much more to this phone that we need to uncover yet.


The new Nokia P1-A has a display of 5.3” and that ensures a good movie or gaming experience. A bigger screen lets you do better things and manage apps and use a phone more effectively. You can get a lot of benefits just by the screen size and 5.3” compared to the latest releases expected is just the right size. You want to able to keep your phone in your jeans yet you want a better and larger display so this size is just the right size for the smartphone users who want the phone to be carrying a large display yet they want it to be fitting in their jeans pocket. But that is still not everything you need to know about the new Nokia P1-A, this phone will stand right beside its competitors when it comes to RAM and runs on a 6GB RAM with a 128GB or 256GB ROM.


6GB RAM is a dream come true with space this smartphone will house, no wonder the news or rumours of the new Nokia P1-A release has broken the internet. The phone will be priced somewhere around $800 to $900 and considering the prices all the smartphones will be offering that are waiting to be released, Nokia is offering a far better price. Xiaomi’s new rumoured phones are way below the price range and people who are fine with ordering the phone from a company that does not sell in your country or will not be available with a warranty if you get it delivered by a friend in China but those numbers are very low to be worried about. Few more things about the new Nokia-1 set to launch at the MWC 2017 are the size of the battery which is 3500 mAh perfect for the size of the phone.


It is launching with the latest tech in battery charging the Quick Charge 4.0 charging technology so better phone with much better-sized battery and a quicker way to charge battery is supposed to launch in a few days and we so hope that the rumors about the specs are true and the specs that are leaked are the correct specs the smartphone will be launching with. So, the new Nokia P1-A is coming with a bang, with it is premature but not older than a month phone only available in China, people are really waiting for this Nokia flagship smartphone to launch soon so that they can finally upgrade to better phones and Nokia fans can run back to Nokia now. Keeping the hopes high for the Nokia release and if this phone is as successful as the Nokia 6 then we know for sure that this phone will also be sold out within minutes and techies will have a tough time even pre-booking the phone with rare availability in the beginning.


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