How To Choose References List Wisely For An MSC Dissertation

There is a clear difference between a reference list and a bibliography. A reference list provides a list of all the resources that are directly cited in a dissertation. On the other hand, along with these direct sources, there are also some sources from which we have taken ideas for our dissertation. A bibliography provides a list of all the direct and indirect sources in a dissertation. You should be careful while choosing a reference list for an MSC dissertation. If you don’t know how to choose a reference list for an MSC dissertation, then you can get help from experts of dissertation writing services. The most important tips to choose a reference list for an MSC dissertation are given below;

  • Check your style guide!

As we know that there are several referencing styles are available. There are also some universities which have devised their own referencing styles. These referencing styles vary from one university to the other university. Therefore, before starting the dissertation writing process, you should interact with your supervisor and try to get an idea about the requirements and guidelines about referencing style and references list. After getting guidelines from your advisor, it is an unavoidable thing for you to follow these guidelines.

  • Quality Counts

Actually, a references list provides a list of all the resources from where a student has gathered the data for his/her dissertation. If these resources are authentic and academic, then the readers will think that the information used in this dissertation is reliable. On the other hand, if these resources are neither authentic nor academic, then they will consider that the information used in this dissertation is not reliable. Therefore, in a references list, you should rely on the quality of the resources rather than the quantity of the resources.

  • Compile your reference list on the go

No doubt, to compile a reference list is a real problem for the students. The only solution to this problem is to compile your reference list while conducting research. While conducting research, you should note down the complete information about all the resources from where you have gathered data for your dissertation. This thing will provide you with a complete bibliographic detail that is necessary to write in a dissertation. This thing also provides a chance for the students to get an idea about the authenticity of a particular resource.

  • Be clear and consistent

As we know that there are a lot of systems are available for referencing a source in a dissertation and you will have to select one of them. Clarity and consistency are considered as two essential components of almost all the referencing systems. With the help of a clear and consistent referencing system, it is easy for readers to identify all the resources that are cited in a dissertation.

After clearly referencing all the resources in a dissertation, you should double-check your references list. Its reason is that only a minor mistake can become a real cause of confusion for the readers. At last, you should also make sure that your sources are cited in a correct order.