Insomnia Affects Our Health

How Insomnia Affects Our Health?

First of all, we need to know what Insomnia is. According to the definition of Wikipedia, “Insomnia is the symptom of lack of sleep”. It is a turmoil and disability of sleep. Science has exposed that insomnia anguish our health. Insomnia is very destructive for human beings. It can affect a person mentally as well as physically. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap dissertation writing services will argue how insomnia influences our health and mind.

According to the Health Department of Science in the United Kingdom, 3 billion people are affected by the disease of insomnia. Approximately, 1 billion people commit suicide with the disorder of sleep. Insomnia can escort to daytime sleep and headache.  It is the representation of a deadly disease that is really harmful to human beings.

The essential truth about Insomnia

  • Insomnia is the cause of illness
  • Insomnia is the cause of psychological factors
  • Insomnia is the sing of large suicide causes

What are the reasons for Insomnia?

  • Unmanaged jobs time
  • Disturbed environment
  • Lack of sleep and day time sleep
  • Overeating or irregularly eating
  • Hormones changes and overweight
  • Depression and high-level stress
  • Overweight and violent behaviour

The lack of sleep can affect the human mind on a large scale. According to accident history, most people are killed by a lack of sleep and 25% of people in the United Kingdom are facing is a bad problem. Studies have shown that proper sleep is very good for human health in order to continue fresh and healthy, however, lack of sleep is the cause of high blood pressure and overeating. In the situation of insomnia, a person feels the restlessness in the overnight. It this case, he becomes the victim of depression. With the condition of Insomnia, a person will often feel high blood pressure and headache. This is a very dangerous disease that can impact the overall system of the human body.

The state of hormones is very essential for human health. However, with the lack of sleep, the state of hormones often changes that are not good human health. A person will be the victim of many diseases at the identical time. Therefore, in this position treatment is very indispensable for human beings.  Basically, the lack of sleep plays a critical role in the human mind. It can wound the cognitive system in many ways. First of all, insomnia affects our attention and concentration.  According to science, sleep deprivation is the cause of many serious health problems. Insomnia is the foundation of health diseases such as health attack and heart failure. This is a very dangerous state that should be treated as soon as possible.  Insomnia is the main cause of irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. The deficiency of sleep is the ground of sexual deprivation, because, it slaughters the sexual relationships of human beings. If a person is getting enough sleep, then he will be the wounded of Insomnia. However, we can terminate that insomnia is very destructive to physical health as well as mental health.