Bram Stokers Dracula

Bram Stokers Dracula Movie Review

Bram Stokers Dracula Movie is an exceptionally famous and marvelous film. It is a revulsion film that is directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Actually, the story of this film is based on the novel type. This film is edited by Nicholas C. Smith that who is the most prominent and famous editor in all around the world. This dreadfulness film was released on November 13, 1992. However, you can judge its popularity form that fact that it is being demanded still today. The horrible and critical scene in the film shows the proficiency of editing and we feel horror during watching this film. If you want to know any information about Bram Stokers Dracula movie then you should contact to Dissertation Writing Services.

Nomination For Academy Awards

The most positive victory of this film is that it was nominated for four Academy Awards and it has succeeded in three awards. This film has achieved the award of best sound editing, Best Makeup, and Best Costume Design. The customer designs of this movie arouse the feeling of pity and fear. Without complete purgation of these feelings, this movie will never be won these awards. However, the catharsis of those feelings is most essential that has not existed in the ptomaine scenes. It is an international hit film in an international language.

Plot Of Bram Stokers Dracula Movie

The main plot of this film is related to 1462. In the start of the film, Vlad Dracula (a person of the Dragon) comes back from the victory of the Turks in order to find his lovely wife Elisabeth. Actually, his wife has committed suicide with the supremacy of the gloom. But the death of his wife has pushed him in the world of pessimism. He has no hope in life and in a worry; he drinks blood which pours out from his feet.  In the search of his wife soul, he goes in the horror world which is the world of darkness. In the world of darkness, we feel horror and the intermission of the film.  In the state of unconsciousness, she goes in the madness and acts like insane. However, he faces a much difficult and dreadfulness situation in order to find the love and soul of his beloved. Here, the story never ended, indeed, after facing many critical situations and eating animal foods, he emerges as a Dracula (animal-like creature). After developing his new creation, he looks too much horrible and dreadful.  In London, he destroys many things such as the boxes of the soil. At the lasting scene of the movie, he meets with Mina. They make a kiss and come back to their young age. Mina stabs the knife in his health and the hero of the movie dies slowly. At the moment of death, he gazes to the Mina.

 Critical Reactions And Reviews

Actually, this film has achieved 72% rating. However, most critics have criticized this movie plot and sound editing. Instead of all criticism, we can conclude that this film is outstanding and everlasting.