A Complete Guide to Enhance Your SEO on Mobile Devices

A Complete Guide to Enhance Your SEO on Mobile Devices

Mobile search engine optimization is known as mobile SEO. By doing mobile SEO, you will be able to get a higher rank in the search results of mobile devices. As we know that there are lots of search engines in the world which are providing search results to the people on the mobiles but Google is the leading search engine. Its reason is that more than 95% of searches through mobile devices are done on Google. Mobile SEO is important because mobile searches are rising day by day, mobile-friendly websites are getting higher ranks in the Google and mobile SEO also affect the voice searches in the future. Here, experts of coursework writing services will provide a complete guide to enhance your SEO on mobile devices.

Speed Up Your Website:

According to Google, if your website is taking more than three seconds in loading, 53% of the visitors will abandon your website. Therefore, the first step to enhance the mobile SEO of your website is to increase the speed of your website. For this reason, you can easily identify the speed issues in your website by pasting URL of your website in Google’s Mobile Speed Test. After pasting your website, it will show issues along with possible suggestions. By following these suggestions, it will be easy for you to increase the speed of your website. Anyhow, some essential tips to increase the speed of your website are to compress the large image files, to combine and minify the codes and to use the cache for quickly serving the pages.

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Make Your Website Responsive:

Secondly, you should make sure that your website should be responsive. A responsive website can easily resize its pages and content according to the viewer’s device to provide a better user experience. It means that this website provides better visual and browsing experience to the visitors. For this reason, you should also check your website either it is responsive or not. If your website is not responsive, you should change the theme of your website. By installing the right theme, you can easily make your website responsive for the users. Before installing the theme, you should also make sure that this theme should be responsive.

Create A Seamless Experience:

A website should provide a seamless experience for the users on all the devices. For example, if you are selling products and services on your website, your customers will be able to purchase these products and services on all the devices. Similarly, if you are running the downloading website, users find it easy to download software and other files on all the devices. If you are not providing a seamless experience for the people on all the devices, 63% of the people will quit your website and they will move to another website. As a result, the bounce rate of your website will be increased. If your website has a higher bounce rate, a ranking of yours will be decreased.

Use Mobile-Friendly Popups:

If you are running a business website, you will have to promote your products, webinars and content. Most of the business websites are promoting their products, webinars and content by showing popups on the websites. If these pop-ups are taking more than one second in loading, it means that your website is providing bad experience to the users. Most of the websites are experiencing these kinds of problems because they are using OptinMonster for showing popup ads. If they want to provide a better experience to the users, they should try to use Salt Strong along with OptinMonster. The use of Salt Strong along with OptinMonster can easily increase the speed of your ad campaigns up to 185%.

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Mobile Content Optimization:

Content is one of the top three ranking factors of Google. If you want to provide a better experience to the users, you must provide better content experience to the users. For this reason, you will have to prepare a solid plan for creating mobile optimization content. First, you should write a post by adding appealing headlines rather than in the form of a giant paragraph. Secondly, you should try to add LSI keywords in your post appropriately. Thirdly, you should optimize the content of your website by keeping in mind the intention of the keywords. Fourthly, you should try to increase the authority of your blog post by adding inbound links. At last, you should try to create an in-depth blog post. It means that you should describe each and everything about a specific topic in the blog post. The length of your blog post should be more than 2000 words.