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How to Write a Personal Statement for Job Interview

A personal statement highlights your achievements, skills and interests often a part of resumes or job or university applications. A personal statement shares mainly the information of your resumes that why you are interested in a job and how you are a suitable match for it. As the name suggests you can add some insights to your personality, share some useful details about your qualifications and relevant information with the help of dissertation editing services about the job you are applying for.

Brainstorm the Material for a Personal Statement

The first step in devising could be making a list of things that you can include in the personal statement. You can highlight any of your skills, strengths, achievements and experiences in the list. If you are not sure about what skills or accomplishments to include in the personal statement then you may look into the job descriptions for the position you are applying for. It will paint a clear picture of the things you may add in your personal statement. Job descriptions postings highlight the skills that they are looking for in their employees and furthermore it will also make your personal statement more relevant to the particular post you are applying for.


The introduction of the personal statement should reflect your personality. It should focus on your interest in a particular job and address how you get interested in the position. Start with an effective sentence that encourages the employer to read more about you. Make use of strong sentence to demonstrate the aspect of your personality and interest that can have a positive impact on the company’s performance.

Highlight Your Skills, Interests and Experiences

In the next part of the personal statement, you would share about your relevant skills, interest and experiences. Personal details that relate to the job must be added. You can add the following elements as given by a cheap dissertation writing service to the body of the personal statement:

  • Your Performance and Experience: Write about your overall academic performance. Mention your degrees, certificates and awards. If you have any experience in the field that can help you to fulfil job responsibilities more effectively, do mention it.
  • Relevant Skills and Talents: Consider highlighting the talents and skills that may prove beneficial for a particular job.
  • What You Have To Offer: Describe how can prove yourself as a beneficial addition to the organization. Discuss your specific skills and mention your eagerness to learn more from the organization and perform the various task with efficiency.
  • Professional Goal: List down the reason in which the job can be helpful in the future. You can describe a specific goal that can be achieved by joining in the respective position.

Provide one or two brief statements to incorporate the above material. You should add particular skills by hiring a cheap essay writing service that would help you to acquire the desired position in the company. Try not to over exaggerate and make connections with the previous information.

Create a Draft

When you have spent some time searching for the company’s requirements and what you have to offer. Now it is time to get started writing your personal statement. Do not try to perfect it in the first go. First, create a draft by adding all the essential information that a personal statement contains. Do not worry if it exceeds word count. After completing the draft, edit it and try to make it more brief and specific. Cut the unnecessary words and sentences that are not particularly important. Avoid repetition and try to bring variety through some advanced vocabulary.

Make it more Specific

You must not add every skill, accomplishment and experience in the personal statement. It is a brief summary of your personality so try to focus on the aspects that can be helpful to acquire the respective position. Emphasize the skills and experiences that are the requirements of the job. If you are adding each of your skills then your personal statement may not bring relevancy for the job offered.


Add a powerful concluding statement that will compel the employer to look into your resume. Craft it in a way that it leaves a strong impression on the employer. It should clearly state why you have applied and what will you hope to gain through your experience. It should create an impact on the employer to know further about you to make a positive decision about your job.  

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A personal statement put together your skills, experiences and accomplishments in front of your employer to provide him with an idea of what you are capable of and how your addition to the organization would benefit them. So be careful in the choice of words as they would get you to a better position.